The waste water of the automotive industry contains petroleum hydrocarbons, solids, chlorinated metals and solvents, as well as phenols. These substances can: Before installing a grease trap, you need a commercial waste authorization. To apply for a permit, simply complete a wastewater application at Sydney Water Tap. Learn how to improve the quality of your commercial water. This acceptance is conditional on South East Water submitting a formal application for commercial waste and the necessary technical assessment. We advise you to seek advice from a qualified hydraulic consultant who has experience in commercial waste on the type of treatment your company may need before applying for your permission. Most industrial and industrial companies need pre-treatment before their wastewater can be discharged into the sewers. Your business can do this by improving the efficiency of raw material and supply requirements and by limiting the production of waste products that drive up production costs and reduce revenue. To get an agreement on commercial waste, you must submit a management plan. For more information, please see Section 3 of the application form. The inclusion of commercial wastewater in our sewerage system is a risk of exploitation, environment and safety to us. If you discharge commercial wastewater, you must have our written permission. Commercial waters include: If the facility meets our full requirements, your commercial waste management authorization will be granted or extended.

If the pre-treatment facility does not meet your requirements, modifications or maintenance work must be made at the pre-treatment facility prior to the granting or renewal of the commercial waste management authorization. We take copies of industrial waste permits in accordance with the Water Management Act 2012. Commercial customers have standard business procedures. We have defined the standard business processes in our commercial customers – trade in wastewater taxes and information sheet taxes. Commercial customers may need to treat wastewater before unloading it into the sewer system. You need to discuss your pre-treatment needs with us. You can only use pre-processing items listed for use in our field of activity. To find out what is listed, read: If your business is listed below, you have permission to discharge commercial water as ”considered a process.” However, they must continue to respect pre-treatment, reflux prevention and other requirements. You can only use approved pre-processing items for use in our field of activity.