Toronto Community Housing may refuse to sign a new lease to add a person as an additional tenant to a market household if: A market tenant is required by his lease to report changes in the composition of the household in the same month as the change occurs. A market tenant may ask to add another tenant to their unit and sign a new tenancy agreement. This is to ask the current market tenant and not the proposed new tenant. A tenant is a tenant who has a contractual relationship with Toronto Community Housing. The tenant is solely responsible for the rent, the unit, and is responsible for the action of all non-tenants who allow them to be on the rented land. A resident is a non-tenant adult who lives in a unit but has not signed a lease with Toronto Community Housing. A resident has no contractual relationship with Toronto Community Housing and has no legal rights, rights or responsibilities to the rental premises. You should contact your Services Coordinator or property administrator within 30 days of a person`s departure. If the person was on your lease, they must declare in writing that they are renouncing any interest in the unit. You may need to sign a new lease.

Toronto Community Housing recognizes that tenants may require additional people to be added to their household composition from time to time as circumstances change. Since the merger and implementation of the Social Housing Reform Act, 2000 (SHRA) and residential Tenancies Act (RTA) in 2006, there is no common policy or procedure for processing these applications. This has led to inconsistencies in practice in Toronto`s community communities. . A market tenant may allow a resident to stay in his or her rental unit. However, the market tenant cannot allocate all or part of the leased premises to 5 or sublet6. Households can allow clients to stay with them for up to 30 days over a 12-month period without obtaining permission from Toronto Community Housing. . This directive applies to the following statutory provisions and reference documents: If a tenant has stated that a resident has a residence in his unit, the occupant may be allowed to request parking at the same price as that paid by the tenant for parking, provided that other defined requirements are met. Households that invite people to be added as tenants (tenants) or residents: Certain conditions that must be met before another person can be added to your home are: Download a PDF version of – Supplement to the Household Composition Policy – Terms and Conditions of Sale (PDF).

. The household can go to the chief operating officer if the application is rejected. Toronto Community Housing will provide the budget with written approval or rejection of the addition to the budget composition request. Even if a market tenant does not wish to add a tenant as an additional tenant, it is important that the tenant declares all the people who live with him in his unit. For safety and emergency reasons, it is essential that the TCHC know who lives in its units. If someone moves in or leaves your unit, you must notify Toronto Community Housing within 30 days. This directive applies to all households in Toronto Community Housing Rent-Geared-to-Income (RGI) and Market Rent who wish to include new members in their budget composition. The Household Composition Directive will provide the framework for standard practice and standard procedure for reviewing these applications, while supporting Toronto Community Housing`s commitment to quality services and compliance with the legal requirements set out in existing legislation.