CCI does not consider a violation of the exclusive sale of Coca-Cola beverages by INOX Theatres at prices higher than the retail price The Competition Commission of India (”CCI/Commission”) on behalf of 28.02.2019 lightens INOX Leisure Ltd (”INOX”) and Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Private Ltd (…) A company that operates a restaurant enters into a 5-year contract with a beverage wholesaler, under which the restaurant operator agrees to obtain exclusively from the wholesaler a consideration for the payment of an advance on rebate of 5,000 euros. Less than a year later, the wholesaler (…) It is now known – more or less – that the law of 20 November 2012 on overseas economic regulation, known as the ”Lurel” law, has, from 22 March 2013, banned exclusive imports that are not justified in overseas collectives ( Art. L. 420-2-1). Such agreements are (…) In a preliminary investigation in 2011 into allegations that Abal-o-lu Yem Soya ve Tekstil A. (” Abal-o-lu ”) had exclusivity clauses in its distributor contracts for the sale of chicken meat and eggs under the ”Lezita” mark, the Commission had decided that Abal-o-lu would not oppose Law No . . The committee of the 6th and the (…) On 26 December 2019, the newly created Competition Authority of New Caledonia issued its first sanction decision. This is a practice of maintaining exclusive import agreements, which are sometimes accompanied by a non-competition clause and are contrary to Article 421-2-1 of Article 421-2-1 of the (…) The Enforcement Office of the Philippine Competition Commission (PCC) has filed a complaint against a construction market promoter for antitrust violations by participating in an exclusive Internet service on its land in Tondo, Manila. In a statement of grievances of 27 March, the CCP (…) The Supreme Administrative Court of Lithuania has accepted the reopening of the judicial procedure relating to an anti-competitive agreement on the biofuels market, as did the Supreme Administrative Court of Lithuania (…) Schwarzkopf (`Schwarzkopf` or `supplier`), which markets hairdressing products, enters into a partnership agreement with Pascal Coste and his subsidiary New Line (`Pascal Coste` or `distributor`) at the head of a network of franchises and (…) Antitrust: The Commission imposes interim measures on broadcom in the television and modem markets – The European Commission has ordered Broadcom to no longer apply certain provisions contained in the agreements with six of its main customers. This will avoid serious and irreparable harm to competition (…) The Swedish Competition Authority accepts the obligations of training companies- Bruce is a company that offers training services.